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Morse Code Ninja



Reverse Beacon Network

Identify band openings, see if you are getting out, and discover other CW operators on the air.


Web application for HF propagation prediction. Excellent and easy to use!

POTA (Parks on the Air)

Popular option for getting outdoors and on the air. CW is a great option for low power operations! Check out their dedicated Facebook group.

SOTA (Summits on the Air)

Popular option for hiking summits and getting on the air. CW is frequently used!


Compendium of Automatic Morse Code by Ed Goss (N3CW). It is an excellent hardback book with informative text and over 1,100 high-quality photos covering Morse code devices from the early 1800s to today. (The link provided goes to Amazon, but it is available from other retailers.)


CQ Serenade by Maurice Durieux, VE2QS

This is a delightful song produced sometime between 1965 and 1970. Words and music by the late Maurice Durieux, VE2QS, symphony conductor, arranger, and violinist, VE2BR, Noel Marcil. Vocals by Ms. Joyce Hahn.

Communication by Slim Gaillard

Catchy song calling out CQ (Dah Di Dah Dit, Dah Dah Di Dah).


Go with the Flow by Nancy Kott WZ8C (Silent Key) on

Why hams fall in love with CW

Instant Recognition by Nancy Kott WZ8C (Silent Key) on

A Better Method of Building Morse Code Speed

Iambic Keying – Debugging The Myth by Marshall Emm (N1FN)

Iambic or "squeeze" keying is one of the "Great Expectations" in CW operations. Good or Bad idea?

Learning and Using Morse Code by Bob Nellans (K9DE)

Good read with sage advice on avoiding to count dits and dahs


FCC to Reinstate Morse Code Test

Delightful April Fool's joke

Morse code versus T9 Texting

Jay Leno set up a runoff between old and new school technology on The Tonight Show on May 13, 2005. Chip Margelli (K7JA) was at the key, while Ben Cook, the Guinness World record holder for speed text-messaging, sent a text message.

Social Media and More:

Dit Dit Podcast

Popular podcast focused on Morse code

K9YA Telegraph Newsletter

Free high-quality newsletter that often has CW related articles. Subscribe here.

CW Academy

Official Facebook group for CW Academy

CWOps Members

Facebook group for the members of CWOps

Learning CW Code

Facebook group. Great for connecting with others learning Morse code.

CW Morse Code Fans

Perhaps the largest and most active Facebook group focused on Morse code.

Straight Key Users of Morse Code

Facebook group

Open UZ2M Morse Runner Contest

Facebook group with friendly competition. See who can get the highest score in Morse Running in 10 mins.



Organization that promotes CW and helps others learn Morse code.

Long Island CW Club Training

Club that offers Morse code classes most days of the week


The International Morse Preservation Society


First Class CW Operator's Club


North American QRP CW Club


Straight Key Century Club

Key Manufacturers (Active):



N3ZN Keys

Vibroplex Company