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There are many software options for initially learning and improving your Morse code proficiency on your own. Below I have listed them in order of more to less popular options. Consider trying out several options before settling on one or more that meets your needs.

SoftwarePlatformSuggested Usage
AD0WE Code Course YouTube Learn Morse code from the ground up!
AD0WE Code Practice YouTube Head copy; Improve beyond 15wpm Instant Character Recognition
Just Learn Morse Code Windows Learn characters and common words
IZ2UUF Morse Koch CW Android Learn characters and more
RufzXP Windows Push speed; recognize callsigns
Morse Runner Windows Learn and improve contesting skills in simulated environment
Morse Camp Web Browser Push speed; Head copy; Build vocabulary of sound patterns
ebook2cw Windows, Mac, Linux Convert text, articles, and entire books to Morse code
G4FON Morse Trainer Windows Practice with simulated QSB, QRN, weak singals, and irregular timing
LCWO Web Browser Learn characters and more
CWops Morse Code Trainer Web Browser Follow structured lessons
W1AW Code Practice MP3 files Updated every other week
Morse Toad iOS Learn characters
Ham Morse iOS Practice copying common QSOs
Deep Morse Web Proswer CW Puzzles
AA9PW Code Practice Web Browser Learn characters and standard QSO
K7QO Code Course MP3 Player Follow structured course for learning Morse code
Koch Morse Trainer Pro Android Learn characters and common words
Morse Machine for Ham Radio Android Learn characters and most common QSO words
Continuous Wave Alexa Skill Learn characters and common words
Seiuchy Web Browser Improve head copying common QSOs
QRQ Linux, Mac, Windows Push speed; copy callsigns
CW Teacher Windows Learn characters
CyberCW Contest Windows Improve contesting skills in simulated environment

Interactive Online Resources:

CW Academy

Excellent opportunity to get free and personalized assistance in learning Morse code. CWOps sponsor this program! Sessions are held Jan-Feb, Apr-May, and Sep-Oct. Classes fill up fast, so signup early!

Long Island CW Club Training

Classes are held most weekdays and are available at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Discord CW WW

Daily practice at 7:30 pm Pacific time (1:30 or 2:30 UTC depending on daylight savings time).

Online Morse code chat channels. The keyboard is used as a straight key.


CW over Internet Protocol. High quality. Allows hooking up physical paddle/keyer to the computer.

Morse Power

Software uses USB to serial adapter to hook up a paddle/keyer.


Morse over IP. Software uses Serial to USB or Bluetooth to hookup a paddle to the computer. Software runs on Arduino, Linux, iOS, OS X, and Windows.


General purpose video conference solution that is known to work well for online Morse code practice. For the best audio, disable “Automatically adjust microphone settings.” In addition to a computer and microphone, you will need a paddle, key, and way to generate a sidetone.


General purpose audio bridge that is known to work well for online Morse code practice. It is free and open source. In addition to a computer and microphone, you will need a paddle, key, and way to generate a sidetone.

On-air Practice:


One hour mini-contests sponsored by CWOps! They are held every Wednesday starting at 13, 19, and 03 UTC.

NCCC Sprint (NS)

The Northern California Contest Club sponsors Thursday evening contest practice sessions of 30-minute duration.

SKCC Sked Chat

Create an account and request a scheduled contact. SKCC (Straight Key Century Club) members are friendly and will generally bend over backward to help out guys and gals trying to get started with on-air practice.

ARRL W1AW Broadcast

Code sent at 5 to 35wpm on a schedule. Content taken from QST magazine.

Hardware for learning Morse Code:


Full-featured standalone learning tool. It is a multifunctional Morse code device that can be used as a practice trainer, keyer, file player, and Morse code decoder. It has built-in capacitance paddles and speaker. Check out this review video. Also works as a LoRa transceiver on 430MHz!

K1EL Morse Tutor Keyer Kit

Trainer and built-in capacitance keyer. Can be used for standalone practice. Or practice with a buddy by connecting an RCA cable between two kits!

W8BH Morse Tutor

The W8BH Morse Tutor is a great project for learning programming, for learning about hardware, for beginners to learn the Morse code, and for people who already know the Morse code to increase their speed, both in copying and sending, with either paddles or a straight key. You can build the Morse code tutor for $20 in parts. Check out Bruce's website for other interesting projects. If you wish to use the Mega2560 instead of the ESP32 or STM32, checkout KM4NFQ's port of the code. Here is a short video clip demonstrating how to use two of them for practice with two people across the room.

MFJ-418 Code Tutor with LCD Display

Pocket-sized and convenient

CW Trainer

A combination of Windows software and firmware that runs on the Begali CW Machine. It also supports connecting to another user over the internet.

OZ1JHM Timing Keyer

An open hardware and open source keyer that allows you to precisely diagnose any timing errors in your keying. Check out the review video. The software for it can be found here.

Morse Code Books:

The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy by William Pierpont (N0HFF). This is a free book available for download as a PDF. It is filled with practical advice and history. And it is a great read!

Zen and the Art of Radiotelgraph by Carlo Cosoli (IKYG). Another free book available for download as a PDF. It has a recommended approach to learning Morse code.

Morse Code for Radio Amateurs by Roger Cooke (G3LDI). Published by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB). Written to show how to learn Morse code and get the maximum enjoyment from using it. (Also available from Amazon)

Compendium of Automatic Morse Code by Ed Goss (N3CW). It is an excellent hardback book with informative text and over 1,100 high-quality photos covering Morse code devices from the early 1800s to today. (The link provided goes to Amazon, but it is available from other retailers.)


Morse C.O.D.

Target enemies by tapping out their designation. Runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Morse (The Game)

Break the bitter attribution of the Great War using timing, tactics, and telecommunications in Morse code. Runs in a Web browser.

Morse Mania

A game designed to help you master Morse code while advancing through a number of levels. It teaches one letter at a time. Runs on Android devices.


Communication by Slim Gaillard

Very catchy song calling out CQ (Dah Di Dah Dit, Dah Dah Di Dah).

CQ Serenade by Maurice Durieux, VE2QS

This is a delightful song produced sometime between 1965 and 1970.